by Room For A Ghost

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released January 1, 2012




Room For A Ghost San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Her Head
When you couldn’t be it
(rapt in my time running from age)
It was killing time committing vicious strides .
Confirming .

Unto the scene .
What could have bested you my friend ?
What could have been ?
You always seemed so in control .

You’re way too far, towards the mark .
You don’t seem in a state .
You’ve gone way too far .
You can’t see it’s a mess .
(with those eyes)

Not if you were the last one in this blurry life .
In a sea of spite .
Rancored by something , but nothing would fight with your mind . . . just consequence .
It’s just like you to have been that night’s scene .
She kids you just like the last one who was running down strange roads to us .

I keep on saying I’ll come and find it .
The ripest way to say it but who’s kidding who ?
It’s the ripe in life that makes her neck connect to circumstantial instances I’ve lost inside a coma .
See if you can change the way I feel about it without running away .

Her neck connects to circumstantial explorations into time less your decisions to continue .
Still you venture into stranger worlds .
Track Name: Vamping
I’ll see your lack of faith
I’ll see your lack of space .

Deep in thought , its all we’ve got .
With you on top , we’d drift away and greet the night .
But tonight will avenge the bites left in nice little places .

Although it couldn’t recognize its soul unless you'd wait till you were the one vamping on the paralyzed .
They wouldn’t have been .

And soon fun knives assume the nicest ways to beat around . No , tonight is the nicest way to bleed out .

It's cool if you see the way .
Cause I know you’re not ok .

You should have recognized our bluff .
You couldn’t analyze scenes .
It wasn’t really nice , what you do .
You should have recognized either way .

She was the last time it went on like a play .
The way she kept all our time and took every drop off the carpet . She sang of . . . us .

It was soon after that that we all came back .
In a wasted room we all laid flat .
She had built our wings up to black and it was fine for a moment in time .
We couldn’t have expected to ring like a bell that would burst all our veins .
Track Name: Redlight
Stabbing you’re friends with a passion .
This wouldn’t fly if you knew them .
No one forgets about you anymore .
When time is on your side .

Could it be that , you’re slipping ?
Could it be that , you sink while you’re swimming ?
Could it be that , you soak up the diamonds ?
Could it be that , your skin is restricting ?

Realize your
up up up up up up .
minds cool brains and states ---
its hard to explain .

Could it be that , you’re slipping into new lands ?
Disappointed , that no one came back !
Disappointed ! weeks of waiting for ...
You scream cause you found the way .

Your sore eyes are nine nine nine .
Whats so right about the right about the right about .
It's the key to learn to soothe .

But you cant explain the way they come back to you .
But you cant explain the way they feel .
Nope . You Cant !

You see an opportunity for human kind not unlike , spoons and minds and crystal blinds that bind .

Then, you been over it .
It’s the way . . . . .
Beautiful nocturn hiding out on a stain.
Its alright, strangely, calm is sensational.
Is it true you can unfold ?
And float through the street ?
Is it true and like a chorus ?

Reverberating as a way to amend a life you have spent .
A passing of page .
Through this sighting down I’ll sit in the wrappings and ropes and the cunning arms and eyes and bones , I'm holding on for way to long .


Its on my mind .
I bet you could have pictured it .
And I bet you could have seen my whole song .
Best of all , you could have just picked up my loss .

buts its seems to far for you
but you could have seen my short sighted song .
Track Name: It's A Trap
She was only into dreams .

The coolest of dreams .
No one ever treats you like a dream .
You sit around the back of the room and rage ,
even though it saved you from your wake .

Cool little queen ,
wondering if she’d ever taste the sweet .
She’s simple as honesty
(but mighty dangerous)
((the boiling sounds)) . . .
from her name .
Im wondering if she’ll ever be the same .
And wishing on a sill of painted nights .
We've overgrown your complications ,
lifeless in a room .

I relate, just concentrate hard .
Oh my god .
Please pull back pull back .
Oh my god .
Its just a trap , don’t fade out this time .

Its never gonna be the same for you .
Work it from your center man .
Separate from the lines and the soul .

Its just a way to move on through a life that didn’t ever answer any questions of yours .
Track Name: Rebel
See it move on ?

Cool the sun .
Boil the one .
Beaches gray .
Catch your eye .
Mines painful .
Boys boys
shake like they’re toys .

Who’ll take mine and sit back ?
Venture back into the night with girls .
The pulling gun is almost gone .
Its waiting to pop us in the back if we don’t agree
to run back home .

Ever so full .
Locked away for days . . .
but wait .
Coming out to solderize .
Soon we’ll see , who’s best at this game .
And run around .
Cause we’d pay to be that way .
We're pooling around your feet .

Turning red .
So numb WE’RE SICK .

Turn back the clock for the boy of our township .
Can't you hear the way they pound ?
Sooner or later the shade is gonna split and you’ll ask . . . please .
Where do you come from ?
Whats this design ?
Wasting all my time to come out for you -
you better act out .

Where do save
those that you know ?
Why do you hang
above the ground ?
Where are your legs ?
Where do you keep
the ones you know ?

Pass pass .
Or wait ,
the opening in the sun is a world now .
It's so , the one that never tries wanes .
But wait , I'm waiting on the corpses
(Poor man) .
I'm waiting till the corpse shows the way down .
Track Name: Burn
I don’t see all my uses .
And eyes and constant visions blind .

Its too late .
Widen the role .
You could wait till the end of time .
Or just waste it on your friends even when they try to send you forward , or beyond now .
Passed this point.
Strings , loops . holes .
Signs all piled and compacted together.
No one ever could catch anything you whispered .
Your words are ever bleeding in and out and out of our minds .

Built for
keeps so
the kings cup
stays full
of spoils .
so drink up.
It's only life ,
Vaporous life .
In the now .

Way back , back in 1945 when we were watching as the sky changed .

With Vibrations .
With Vibrations !
Whats that ?
Its shaking ! From what ?
Shaking ! From what ?

I couldn't see all my uses .
Track Name: Points At Rest Dissolve
Hey !
Oh No !

It’s been so damn abnormal .
Over hills to catch that shadow .
Belly fills and time can slip up .
Find the cracks that lend themselves to the night

The wind -
that breathes and hums (mmmm) a melody .

Hey !
Ghost !




When you let body fade into its new form . . .
Points at rest dissolve .
Marches home .
Points will rest and have their way .

While the night will breathe and hum a melody to me .

The night and the wind ,
breathes and hums .
Track Name: Gliding Through Bodies
Deep in night , can you see in the gold asylum dawn ?
Holding tight - osmosis-ing the sea of colorful .

Beings on this earth
Trapped within its walls .
Its so pointless , so mull over blank spaces .
Heave them back , you know cages wont stop you from going any where on earth in minutes .
Nonchalantly gliding through bodies , places , memories !

She was on , he was off and she she flowed .
But he knows that she’s gone .
Open air , In the heart of a new space .

Holding onto life .
A certain point in time .
But she couldn’t impress the fact on life .
Its passed the one two three rule .

1) You lose time (nooo)
2) Waste away (aaaaaa)
3) Forget speech (nooo)
4) Fluctuate (aaaaaa)
Track Name: An Exception
Could he be an exception to your plan ?
(It stings)
He’s mine , he's all I’ve got left.
Could you bend ?
I’ve got so much love left for that man in this heart .
If not I don’t know what i’ll do .

Would you please (allow)
A pass , if only

All we do and all we've grow so deeply into .
Frequently they get freed By you .
Its seems you feel the pain you like is in the mind .
Well the mind is more then I could keep down .

It pains to much !
Let me show you
points of death on her head .

They’re soon to reach it .
Explain to everyone you’ve met
Its fucked

too true
nestled in
for her .
pushed away
pushed away .
minus lovers .

have you ever been in love ?
have you ever lost the perfect lover ?
I’d bet you’ve not .

Don’t wait to long for waves .
The splash will find you .
Unless you scratch without it lasting ages and ages .
We’ll rage around without a sound .
and its cool , we’ll find a way through.

The beautiful mind has joy despite of breaking down around us , it
Rips through
Wont wait
for a minute
it pulls out all its tricks and leaves you lost and screwed .
Bet it wouldn’t recognize anything that sat in firm resistance of you
when you rate .

I want to be the same . With your lips and lies on my plate .

I hope
I’ll pray



Way to call my thoughts .
will you
wait for me precious ?
you are missed .
Track Name: This Dizzy
Never getting a break up .
Someone is hitting backspace and who cares if we don’t get another chance ?

Sink that boy .
Matey’s on fire .
Sink them boys .
Make em look flat .
Grab your best knive .
A hoy a hoy a hoy .

Break back boys
Fleeing the mountians .
Exclamating -
to the sea !
For some fisticuffs and puffs of the ocean .
Swinging on the ropes galore .

He wont go ,
He’s afraid .
He wont swing
Through the sky .

The spring
In his feet
Its all gone .
But soon we’ll be on his back falling down .

All rise .
My mates .
It's time to sail .
We head for the damned sea !

Spirits , check !
They better better better better !
Bombs to let the light through .
And gunfights are
better better better .
This dizzy will let the light through .

It's rampage time , we're all in line
(and wicked to our bones core)
Let us unscrew
let us unscrew
let us just capture the land lubbers that try to get in our way .

We know fun , and pirate songs .
And the tip of our plank .

A hoy mate , poor it all around .
A hoy mate yourself another round and swig .
Track Name: Lost In A Fossil
Patience sleeps .
Beneath a photograph of
Breathing out nosturshums .
Falling as our patience is filleted .

Step over my swelling lips .
Tongues that bathe
over some wine .
Their words wish to soon collide .

Unlike you ,
Its true .
You take it on sweetie hun .

I'm the same .
No , you're not alright .
And honestly I think
It cut you within .
Its Better then you
never having known .

Cause you want to know
what you’ll come to be .
You wanna have
everything you need .
And you want to know
what you came to be .
And you wanna have
everything you see .

Cable and former light .
It's on the soaking floor .
It's just words .
It's that way .
It's dancing right at this point in me .

Its mild but dangerous .
Still soothing all the rust .
Overt the guise lines .
Single but suiting none the less .

You have found something you can dance all over and I have found something true .
Yeah .

And you’d like to know what you came to be
And you’d need to have everything you see
And you’d like to know what you came to be
And you need to have every single thing .


Down in a fossile .
Whats gonna happen ?
We’re gonna be .
Torturous blood holes
Spilling all over .
We’re gonna bleed it .
Track Name: So You Wish
She waits , she waits , she’s wasted .
A force , but calm inside .
A wilting form thats calm inside .
Beware of forms who’re calm inside .

Who gets spanked into that trap ?
Watch night comes and you’re the nun .
Who stands for her ?
The rain has come .
Soon you’ll wait for shelter from the storm .

Blast this trap and this place plus all my cold bones .
I'm shaken , im not talking the noise
(nor finding a way)
Back in back in the time it took to fall into this trap
(Its true its true)
I should have run from that den .

A cursed life is complicated .

Soon you’ll pay for your crimes .
Soon you will be in a sad report .
And its not going to burn you .
Forward it back into coal .
So you wish , but no ever notices the sound .
Till you wake up .