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See it move on ?

Cool the sun .
Boil the one .
Beaches gray .
Catch your eye .
Mines painful .
Boys boys
shake like they’re toys .

Who’ll take mine and sit back ?
Venture back into the night with girls .
The pulling gun is almost gone .
Its waiting to pop us in the back if we don’t agree
to run back home .

Ever so full .
Locked away for days . . .
but wait .
Coming out to solderize .
Soon we’ll see , who’s best at this game .
And run around .
Cause we’d pay to be that way .
We're pooling around your feet .

Turning red .
So numb WE’RE SICK .

Turn back the clock for the boy of our township .
Can't you hear the way they pound ?
Sooner or later the shade is gonna split and you’ll ask . . . please .
Where do you come from ?
Whats this design ?
Wasting all my time to come out for you -
you better act out .

Where do save
those that you know ?
Why do you hang
above the ground ?
Where are your legs ?
Where do you keep
the ones you know ?

Pass pass .
Or wait ,
the opening in the sun is a world now .
It's so , the one that never tries wanes .
But wait , I'm waiting on the corpses
(Poor man) .
I'm waiting till the corpse shows the way down .


from Voiceless, released January 1, 2012




Room For A Ghost San Francisco, California

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